WPBSA Coaching Success in South Africa

Last month, delegates from South Africa became qualified Level 1 snooker coaches under the WPBSA Accredited Coaches Course programme.

First launched in August 2020, the program aims to foster the development of snooker coaching around the world, supporting existing coaching programs run by recognized national and regional bodies by incorporating key elements of the WPBSA coaching program . This includes Child Safeguarding and Protection training developed by the WPBSA through its partnerships with UK Coaching and the NSPCC.

Through cooperation with Snooker and Billiards South Africa (SABSA), the initiative enabled 11 coaches to take the WPBSA Level 1 Coaching Course online in January and will for the first time offer snooker coaching a base platform in the country.

Successful delegates received their certificates, polo shirts, regulations and identity cards last month following the conclusion of this year’s South African Snooker Championships.

WPBSA Head of Coaching Development and Education Chris Lovell said: “This is a huge step forward from the WPBSA for national governing bodies and official associations around the world. Through the development and delivery of online coaching courses, we have a platform to achieve and pursue the growth of the sport worldwide. Congratulations to the South African team on their success and best wishes for their exciting endeavours.

Learn more about the WPBSA coaching program.

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