Woodlake Boys & Girls Club offers peer mentorship and community service opportunities

Beginning October 25, the Woodlake Boys & Girls Club will host a mentorship program that benefits club members in both older and younger age groups. In this program, teen members are paired with younger members (ages 6-12) to coach them in sports, help them with homework, team up in the playroom, and guide them in developing healthy habits. of life. Students at Woodlake High School can take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate required community service hours.

This mentorship program is inspired by the Woodlake Boys & Girls Club’s Serve Squad, a year-round community service program. The Serve Squad is led by Serve Prep Coordinator Teresa Farfan, who organizes community service opportunities for teens at the Woodlake Boys & Girls Club and has helped its members earn a total of 1,450 hours since the program began in last November. This mentorship program is designed as another opportunity for Serve Squad teens and new teen club members to earn volunteer hours while learning what it takes to become a leader in supporting their community and its needs. .

Unit Director Erika Villa and her team believe that such programs have been successful. “Over the past few weeks we have organized mentoring activities and so far it has been a great result,” explained Erika. “Our teenagers have helped our younger members with soccer, basketball, volleyball, homework, baking and many other activities at the club. Younger members appreciate the knowledge our teens share with them. They feel included and energized. All of our members benefit from this mentoring program because it teaches them how to work as a team and take care of others. In addition, teens receive community service hours for participating in our program. Unit Director Erika Villa is thrilled to have this program launched and invites all Woodlake teens to join.

This program will run from October 25 to December 16 on Mondays and Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Parents can register their child for the Club in person or online at bgcsequoias.org. At Woodlake Club, annual memberships are only $15 for children ages 6-10 and free for youth ages 11-18. For more details, please call the Woodlake Club at (559) 604-6064.

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