Volunteers from Kilkenny wanted to mentor youth Big Brother Big Sister de Foróige



You can’t change the world, but you can change someone’s world! The Foróige Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) Youth Mentorship Program needs your help.

Do you have an hour a week to volunteer to help a young person who needs a little extra support? BBBS associates adults and young volunteers according to their interests, hobbies and personalities, for example a common passion for the same musical or sports team.

For nearly 120 years, the BBBS program has helped young people reach their potential through professionally supported one-on-one relationships with volunteer mentors. It is a very simple task for the volunteers – to build a friendship with a young person.

“It doesn’t take a toll on the volunteers’ time, because they meet someone they like, who has the same interests,” says Kate Carroll, BBBS program manager for Kilkenny.

The program is unique, individually tailored to suit each child.

“One game had a boy who was in trouble at school. So he chatted with him and found out that he stayed up at night on his cell phone and didn’t wake up on time, arrived late, without having breakfast, ”says Kate.

“So they came up with an action plan to turn off the cellphone at a specific time each night. Big Brother then spent some time teaching him how to cook eggs for breakfast.

“With that all sorted out, he encouraged him to take up athletics to combat his excess energy. He found he was good at the javelin and represented the school in the regional finals. teachers began to see it in a different light. “

Foróige offers Child Protection Awareness Training so that volunteers know what to do if such issues arise, and during their Big Brother Big Sister training, Foróige walks you through any kind of issues related to you and lets you know about the supports they provide.

“Go to www.foroige.ie/bbbs for more information or contact Kate directly on 086 068 5200 [email protected]


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