Victorian school principal suspended for teaching locked out children



Independent FItzroy Community School Principal Timothy Berryman has been temporarily suspended after violating Covid lockdown health orders.

The suspension pronounced by the Victorian Institute of Teaching is supposed to have come into effect on Wednesday after Berryman allowed students at his school to continue attending classes during the Melbourne confinement. He also saw his enrollment in teaching suspended in case he “Presents a risk to children” for trying to continue their education.

This whole era of Covid, I campaigned very hard for children. The evidence on children and Covid is crystal clear. They should all be in school. said Berryman.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching will now investigate the Fitzroy Community School and its principal regarding child safety standards.

The school offers on-site and distance learning options for children. Berryman has expressed concern about the impact of sustained distance learning on children’s mental health and academic setbacks. He felt that it was best for their overall education to allow children to return to class, even in defiance of state health regulations.

All over the world, it has been observed by health authorities that children have the lowest risk of serious complications from Covid – including in Australia – although they represent a significant percentage of global cases.

There have been no deaths in Australia of people under the age of 10, and only one in the 10-19 age group throughout the duration of the Covid pandemic.

Fitzroy Community School caught the attention of the Victorian government in April 2020. At the time, Berryman said he expected half of his 120 students to return to class, prompting the minister to Victorian Education James Merlino called Berryman’s behavior “irresponsible”. ‘.

Imagine if each school followed this reckless decision of this one principal ”, said Merlino.

A cluster of cases was linked to the school in September, but the same can be said of many places in Melbourne, including large supermarkets.


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