U.S. National Guard provides emergency medicine mentorship at 14th Military Hospital


In October, members of the United States Army National Guard from the State of Michigan provided emergency medicine mentorship at the 14th Military Hospital. This exchange is part of the U.S. Embassy’s investment in security assistance in Liberia, helping to rebuild the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and strengthen regional security.

The Michigan National Guard remains Liberia’s committed state partner. This partnership enhances the capabilities of the AFL by regularly exchanging best practices and providing opportunities to participate in multinational exercises through the sponsorship of the Michigan National Guard.

Members of the Armed Forces of Liberia practicing survival emergency response

Three members of the Michigan National Guard – Captain Matthew Gomberg, Master Sgt James Dewitt and Sergeant Gustavo Popmonroy – spent two weeks at Military Hospital 14 to help improve emergency room medical skills. They have provided training and mentoring to staff to respond to a variety of adult and pediatric emergencies.

Cpt. Gomberg has worked in the emergency room to mentor providers and nurses, develop and strengthen the use of a triage system, and empower nurses to make critical decisions in urgent patient care. SSgt. Dewitt and Sgt. Popmonroy has trained AFL physicians in patient stabilization, basic care, and emergency pediatric care.

The US government has trained over 2,000 AFL personnel (civilian and military combined), assisting the government of Liberia in its efforts to build and maintain a non-partisan and professional military force. Providing emergency medicine mentorship is part of this ongoing effort. We are building the future together, and a well-funded and trained army is essential for Liberia and the long-term stability of the region.


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