Tutors, coaching in demand after offline lessons resume | Bhubaneswar News

Bhubaneswar: Demand for home tutors and coaching courses has increased dramatically in the state following the resumption of offline lessons in schools after a two-year shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Parents hire private tutors to help their children fill learning gaps. However, the “exorbitant fees” of tutors have been a headache for tutors.
“Due to the lack of physical lessons, the children’s academic progress has been affected. They became addicted to cell phones, television and computer games while staying at home for two years. Now that schools have reopened, learning gaps need to be filled with regular home study. But since my husband and I are working, we need the help of a home tutor to help our children with their studies,” said Jasodhara Rao, a parent of two school children.
These days, many coaching institutes distribute flyers outside of schools.
“My child, who is studying in class V, has only taken online lessons for the past two years. He needs clarity in certain concepts in math and science. His writing speed has slowed down. I posted on social media, looking for a home tutor who can teach my son maths, science and language.A teacher approached but he charges 5000 rupees per month to teach math and science three times a week. I find it expensive. Before Covid-19, I was paying Rs 2,000 a month,” said Debashis Jena, another parent.
Home tutors said they had their hands full after schools resumed offline lessons. “As everyone is going to work as usual now, parents are keen to hire home tutors. Initially, I was helping a few students with their studies in my housing company. But now I’m busy all day taking classes,” said Pradeep Mohanty, who teaches both CBSE and ICSE students.
Many students earn well working as home tutors. “I received an offer to teach mathematics and science to a class VI student for Rs 4,000 per month. I find it a good opportunity to earn my pocket money,” said Debaraj Pathy, an engineering student.

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