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MONROE, The(KTVE / KARD) – The Town of Monroe and the Monroe Police Department have created a mentorship program for young men in the town. Those involved in the program believe that it will have a major impact on the community.

The Town of Monroe and Monroe Police Department “MPAC” Mentorship Program is aimed at young men between the ages of twelve and seventeen. The program was created in the hope of reducing the rate of homicide and incarceration of young men in Monroe. “MPAC” program coordinator Sargent Larry Wilson says the program prepares young men in the community for a bright future.

Larry Wilson, “We talk to them about integrity, about loyalty, about how to prepare for college, how to get everything in order in that aspect. If they are lacking for something, we kind of help them, by finding them. tutors or offering them the appropriate help. They must be students. “

Students involved in “MPAC” say the program changes their character for the better.

Ronald Miles, Student “I had so many problems, then once Officer Wilson put me in this program, it helped me to avoid problems and stuff.”

Charles Bradshaw, Student “Before I met Sargent Wilson, I was running the streets doing all kinds of things, and now I was inspired to join the guard. “

Joshua Swan, student “It touched me a lot. I learned so much from the program. “

If you are interested in joining the “MPAC” program, please contact the Monroe Police Department. We will keep you posted on this story as more information is presented to us.


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