Tired Of Mom Saying “Potty Training Can Go To Hell”

This mom is sick of her toddler playing crazy when it comes to potty training.

TikToker Shae’ Pettaway is about potty training as a practice and a concept. The mother launched a tirade against the hellish mission to teach a 2-year-old child how to go to the bathroom.

“Potty training can go to hell. Straight to hell,” the mom said. “I don’t even understand the concept of how you’re supposed to potty train a child.”

It seemed nearly impossible to predict when her toddler was ready to leave so they would understand the feeling of having to leave.

“I don’t know if you like it,” Pettaway joked. “I literally just met you two years ago. I don’t know your life like that.

Mom was happy to embrace diapers if it meant there were no peeing accidents in the bathroom.

“I feel like I’m being played,” she continued. “Because you could pick up all the little skills I teach you but all of a sudden you don’t understand what I’m saying when I say, ‘Go pot.’ No, I feel like you’re playing me!

The hilarious video racked up 1.7 million views on TikTok.

“It’s the accident free week, next week ‘I’m potty scared’ for me,” one user said.

“Mine is almost 4 years old and he ‘still doesn’t understand’ but knows every type of truck and every character on paw patrol…like my brother seriously,” one person wrote.

“I used to ask my toddler so often if she wanted to go potty…she said no YOU ​​go potty,” someone commented.

“I tried potty training for TWO years. I gave up, then the next year he got up and started going,” one TikToker replied.

“Literally, there’s no truer word I’ve ever heard than these,” added another.

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