Tips for training your own child


Coaching your child on a team can be confusing at times. You are the parent and the coach. But what you have to realize and do is separate the two. These two functions work and fit together, but there are some aspects that need to be kept separate when training your child as a team coach.

Here are some tips to help you coach your child.

Tip 1- Treat everyone the same

As a parent, you want your child to play well. As a coach you want all children to play well. So it would be better if you treated all players the same. You have to remember that your child is a gamer. And all players are treated equally. You don’t want to be seen as a favorite. And, there is no reason to be harsher or stricter on your child to improve their performance or disguise your parent / coach relationship. Doing this can be damaging to your relationship off the pitch. Understand your child if any part of the team is in training and in the game. So, treat them the same.

Tip 2- Do not force

Don’t try to force your child to play any sport or position you want them to play. Let them discover their interest and skills as well as their place in the team through trial and error. If you push them and they don’t like playing a sport or position that you insist they play, they’re more likely to not perform well. They will lose interest. Your child needs to have fun too and wants to be part of the team and not be singled out.

Tip 3- keep it fun

Tiger Woods Dad was his trainer. Even though he was the coach, Tiger says his dad always kept his workouts fun. If you teach the game to be fun, you will produce the greatest athletes. Fun is the attraction of wanting to play and learn more. If the sport becomes too strenuous, they will lose interest and will not be motivated to want to play or improve. Pleasure produces passion, and passion stimulates motivation. To be intense and difficult for a child to perform perfectly is too much stress. Stress produces disinterest, especially as a child.

Tip 4- Understand your motivation

Understand why you want to be a coach. If it’s about only training your child on the team, you may need to rethink your actions. Venus and Serena Williams, when they were young, said, “My dad is my coach. And their father would say, ‘Don’t say I’m your trainer; I’m a dad. Richard Williams’ motivation was to be a father who taught his daughters to play tennis. And, the girls ended up liking the sport. He never forced tennis on them and motivated and inspired his daughters to want to play of their own accord. Richard also believed that they could not give up education besides being children. So, have the right intentions and the right motivation for your child that integrates his interest and allows him to be a fun kid and you will be successful.

Tip 5- Take advantage of the coaching

Don’t just coach because you’re trying to be close to your child or think you can push them to be the best. You must have good intentions, sincerity, passion and the willingness to want to be a coach. It can only be simply based on this reason, to coach your child or not. It would help if you liked coaching to inspire, teach, and motivate kids. If you don’t like it and have an ulterior motive, players will see it and feel it.

Remember, what makes a great relationship as a coach or parent is fun. Training your child can be rewarding and teach them to be independent under your supervision. However, you will have to learn to wear two hats, to be a coach and a parent, as their qualities are intertwined. Be understanding, considerate, patient and flexible, and you will be successful as a parent coach.

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