Tiny Transitions launches mini-coaching sessions on children’s sleep


Tiny Transitions offers coaching packages to help parents train their children to sleep through the night. Starting this month, they’re adding ‘mini’ coaching sessions for parents who may not need a full coaching package, but rather targeted counseling to help kids overcome issues. temporary sleep.

These mini-phone sessions allow parents from anywhere in the country or the world to schedule private coaching with a certified sleep consultant from the Tiny Transitions team for 30 or 60 minutes. The team member will help parents resolve issues with their child’s sleep routine, including waking up too early in the morning, naps that are too short, resistance at bedtime resulting in “Bedtime wars”, sleep regressions of infants or children, and more.

“While our consulting packages are the right choice for many, we recognize that others might just need specific guidance to overcome them,” said Courtney Zentz, Founder and President of Tiny Transitions. “Our goal is to meet all types of sleep-related needs of families, and we recognize that this makes our services more accessible. “

Zentz started Tiny Transitions after moving from a career as a marketing manager to a full-time mom. When a new sleepless baby took her to a place of fatigue and mess she had never experienced before, she decided to provide more resources to parents in the same situation. For the past seven years, Tiny Transitions has helped families around the world develop healthy sleep habits.

“Sleep is not negotiable,” Zentz said. “It affects cognitive and mental health as well as physical health. Sleep deprived families are in a vulnerable position, and my goal is to use personalized and gentle, non-judgmental approaches to lift them out of this position.

Tiny Transitions offers master classes, private coaching and group coaching. They also offer sleep consultant certifications to help professionals build successful businesses around helping families establish better sleep routines.

Tiny Transitions has been recognized in the category of Tuck’s Top 200 Sleep Professionals. They have been consulted by NBC, Yahoo, Thrive Global and Fatherly for advice on sleep. For more information on their “mini session” phone consultations for sleep issues, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

About tiny transitions

Tiny Transitions aims to help families develop healthy sleep habits and restore order to their homes. They offer a very unique approach to coaching and sleep training.

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