This Week’s TMR: New York State Mentorship Program


Syracuse, New York StateStephanie Parks, the New York Central Regional Coordinator for New York State Mentorship Program, will discuss the program’s positive impact on local youth at a Zoom public forum from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Thursday hosted by Syracuse University Thursday morning round table.

The New York State Mentorship Program was established in 1984 by Matilda Raffa Cuomo, wife of Governor Mario Cuomo, as the first statewide one-on-one mentoring program to help prevent dropout.

According to the program’s website, children who succeed despite overwhelming personal, economic and social barriers usually do so because of a caring adult in their lives. Mentorship outcomes include greater school attendance, better attendance, higher college graduation and admission rates, and better overall performance.

“Some of the children in our program come from large families where the one-on-one time with an adult is maybe an hour a week, and some come from families who live in environments where there is no no positive role model, male or female. “Parks said.” Usually this program is for the kid (s) who need that little extra push and that little extra support. “

Now in his 56e season, the Thursday morning roundtable features speakers discussing hot topics in central New York City and beyond. After the forum, residents can use the chat feature to ask questions and a moderator will lead the question-and-answer session.

The New York State Mentorship Program with CNY regional coordinator, Stephanie Parks, hosted by Syracuse University Thursday morning round table.

8 am-9am Thursday November 18th.

To concern: To watch and participate in the forum via a Zoom webinar, please register in advance (after your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the information to join the forum).

Past TMR records: To view TMR Zoom’s old public forums, visit Syracuse University Office of Community Engagement webpage.

Next week: TMR is gone for Thanksgiving. On December 2 TMR will feature the Center on Disability and Inclusion at Syracuse University.

The Thursday Morning Roundtable (TMR) is sponsored by the Syracuse University Office of Community Engagement. TMR brings together a mix of citizens representing business, nonprofit, educational and government organizations to examine community issues. Since its inception in 1965, more than 1,600 shows have been delivered to VMR audiences. Listen to previous TMR presentations via WCNY.


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