This golf academy teaches children from the age of 18 months

Children as young as 18 months old are getting into the game of golf at 3 Hammers Golf Academy in Wolverhampton in a new partnership with a specialist sports provider.

The new program with Sport4Kids is supposed to teach the game to Europe’s youngest pupils.

“We are always looking for ways to make golf more accessible to our community, we just never imagined that toddlers would be the ones to invade the driving range on a Saturday morning!” said 3 Hammers academy manager Rob Bluck. “Kids are eager to try golf and parents are always looking for fun and social activities that support their development, which is exactly what golf does.”

S4K Golf is offered to children from 18 months to 6 years old and develops children’s mini and micro motor skills. Coaches use a combination of Montessori teaching methods and child psychology to make learning fun. Each class has a dedicated curriculum and a “home practice” book so parents can help their children develop their skills outside of the classroom.

Sarah Marshall, whose four-year-old daughter Lana started the programme, commented: “Starting Lana at such a young age has really boosted her confidence and her passion for the sport. She now asks her father to take her to the golf course to practice and looks forward to her lessons. Learning by playing with his peers is fantastic and his ability for his age is fantastic and entirely dependent on the 3 Hammers squad.

Discussing the new partnership, Rob Bluck said: “There is plenty of evidence to suggest that a lifelong love of sport starts with involving children as early in life as possible. It’s not about creating the best golfers in the county. It’s about making golf a sport that every child can try. We are always striving to improve what we offer and lead by example, and this new partnership allows us to do just that.

What does 3 Hammers offer?

S4K Toddler (18 months to three years)

Using stories, children’s characters and entertainment, S4K Toddlers is an imaginative center of learning. This course involves parents, which provides a great opportunity to bond with your child through sport and meet like-minded people.

S4K Birdies (three to four and a half years old)

S4K Birdies continues to develop the basics, such as setting different distances and continues to challenge and improve the child’s skills. Stance is developed to instill excellent technique.

S4K Eagles (four and a half to six years old)

Games improve ball striking and begin to introduce aiming, distance control, landing zones and shot selection with the use of fun, brightly colored targets. There’s plenty of excitement, cheers, and big scores to make every player feel like a winner.

To ensure a smooth transition to regular golf, the Sport4Kids Eagles class feeds into the 3 Hammers academy program, which is run by a team of eight PGA professionals. There are different levels to go through through the Junior Golf Passport as there are set goals and challenges to complete.

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