The Fiji Times “Waqanika urges ministry to” exercise caution “in teaching qualification issue


SODELPA MP Tanya Waqanika says that while she agrees that teachers need to upgrade their skills, one simply cannot compare the replacement experience with the qualification of a new graduate who doesn’t. has never worked before.

She made this comment to Parliament last Thursday in her contribution to the debate on the President’s speech.

“If there is one profession that appears to be under attack this year, it is our school teachers,” Ms. Waqanika said.

She said the Education Department seemed to be of the opinion that only those with a bachelor’s degree would teach children better.

“Many of us in this August Parliament were trained by unlicensed teachers. “

She asked whether the Ministry had assessed the qualification of university students by a graduate versus a graduate.

“Qualification is only one aspect of determining a raise and promotion, but if a person lacks the skills and passion to teach, empower and enrich a student’s learning, then this piece of paper does not make sense to the child.

“I ask the Honorable Minister of Education and the Department to exercise caution.

“Our children have already suffered from this pandemic, as most did not have time to access it through their worksheets. We have parents who lost their jobs, so could not afford a laptop or a computer, to allow their child to have access to e-learning.

“There are many major and drastic changes taking place in the lives of our children and it has indeed been a difficult year, and getting rid of the handwriting and familiar faces only makes the child worse as he manages to hardly cope with it. “


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