“Teaching Right Principles of Life”

Many children do not receive a correct and appropriate education on morality and they lead them in the wrong direction.

Moral education teaches students about human values ​​and virtues, including honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality, and respect for each other. The goal is to raise students to become morally responsible and self-disciplined citizens. Moral education aims at the development of moral values ​​through which children develop appropriate attitudes and behaviors towards other members of society.

As we have witnessed many incidents in the society which indicate the degradation of moral values ​​in the society like drug abuse, misbehavior etc. and recently an incident of killing an innocent child by the duo also indicates the loss of more moral values ​​there There are many evils prevailing in the society which need to be controlled and the way is to pass on the teachings positive from the very first stage to the next generation.
Unless and until moral values ​​are not transmitted in the minds of people until then, we cannot have a society of peace and order.
The main concern of every parent is to teach a child to distinguish right from wrong and thus the development of moral values.
Moral development helps you improve your beliefs because it’s possible to believe bad things while growing up, since people often don’t bother to tell you what’s wrong or right. Since many children do not receive a correct and appropriate education on morality and they lead them in the wrong direction.
Moral values ​​direct us to the right path to lead our lives by communicating moral values ​​from the earliest days that help distinguish between right and wrong. These values ​​involve factors like loving others, helping others, being kind to others, respecting others, morality, honesty, etc. finally, it helps to build a person of high spirit and follow the path of righteousness.
It is common that if a child misbehaves, people are there to blame their parents as well as their teachers. Parents help the child’s mental growth and support their ambitions and values. It is quite reasonable that the pleasant and cheerful atmosphere of the family develops love, friendliness, openness and kindness. In general, a child learns his behavior from what he sees around him. In this regard, the family plays an important role in helping in the socialization process of a child.
Besides teachers are also the main moral developers, they should give proper guidance from time to time because teachers are the great inspirations for students, students should have strong core values. Moral education is very important and vital if delivered very effectively, it will help students to make right and effective choices and decisions in their lives.
Moral development creates happiness, love and harmony among humans and it avoids bad consequences and establishes a standard of living.
By transmitting moral values, it will help to distinguish between good and evil, it will help to eradicate and eliminate violence, dishonesty and many social evils like drug addiction, crimes, contempt for women, etc. which are due to the lack of moral education and moral values. besides moral development will also ensure self-confidence, motivation, differentiation of what is right and what is wrong.
Moral education helps in honest performance and improves the personality of the individual. It is high time that students in schools, colleges and universities learn moral education as part of their curriculum. Students should be informed of moral duty to their society, state, friends and family. This education would be helpful in eliminating corruption, social evils and crime from society and would make human life much more peaceful, useful, happy and worth living.
Moral education is the effort to develop good character based on fundamental virtues which are good for the individual and good for society after all for the country.
It is very important for us as human beings to carry good and strong moral values ​​like helping others, honesty, righteousness, decency and even self-decency. Moral values ​​are extremely important for general well-being and provide the structure of life. People who have high moral values ​​are a very indispensable asset to others and even to society as a whole.
Moral values ​​are the positive teaching that every parent wants their children to learn and imbibe. Moral values ​​make a person become a responsible person and distinguish between right and wrong, besides the person with moral values ​​becomes a successful human being.
By imparting a moral education, our children can become responsible, good and educated and can distinguish between good and evil. They can follow good life principles like honesty, sincerity, kindness and sympathy etc.

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