Teacher of the Month: TeAndrea Burnett Loves Teaching Your Students – The Troy Messenger

TeAndrea Burnett was named Piggly Wiggly Professor of the Month for December.

Burnett teaches third year at Covenant Christian School in Troy.

Burnett graduated from Luverne High School and graduated in 2015 from Troy University with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Burnett is currently pursuing his Masters at the University of Troy.

Burnett previously taught three years in public schools and is in his second year at Covenant Christian. She said she enjoys teaching young students because they are excited to learn.

“I love the passion I see in a kid’s eyes once they figure it out and fix a problem,” Burnett said. “It’s really great to teach in a Christian school because the children love Jesus and love each other. “

Burnett said she teaches all subjects, but math is her favorite because there is a lot of hands-on learning with math, especially with math-related songs and dances.

Burnett said she also enjoys the challenges as well as the rewards that come with teaching children.

“I really like the atmosphere of the education world,” Burnett said. “I am truly like a second parent to the children. I teach children, but I am also responsible for looking after them when their parents are not around. I consider them to be my adopted children. It is a great responsibility to educate their children. I think parents have an expectation of what they want their children to learn. I try to take on this responsibility by setting my expectations for what children learn higher than parents.

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