Teacher fired for “humiliating” boy by calling him girl’s name during physical education


John Brelsford is also said to have called the pupils at St Wilfrid Primary School, Sheffield, ‘stupid’ and ‘pathetic’ during his lessons and allegedly ‘screamed’ and ‘screamed’ at them

Student cried after being humiliated by teacher

A teaching assistant was fired after “humiliating” a boy by giving him a girl’s name during a physical education class in front of classmates.

John Brelsford embarrassed the “vulnerable” child at St Wilfrid Primary School in Sheffield, who was left “to cry” after the incident.

During the lesson, Mr Brelsford divided his class by gender and then asked some of the boys to switch sides to create even teams, BirminghamLive reports.

The teaching assistant then gave one of the boys a feminine name and called him a “baby” when he got angry.

He had previously called the students “stupid” and “pathetic”, “to have” shouted “and” shouted “.

Then-manager Delia Evans said: “I am afraid John does not see that his conduct is unprofessional and what he is doing wrong, despite the previous training and warnings.”

Labor judge Chris McAvoy-Newns dismissed the wrongful dismissal allegation.

Mr Brelsford called some students “stupid” and “pathetic”

He added: “I find that [Mr Brelsford] was terminated for conduct and not because Mr. Truby or Ms. Evans held a personal vendetta against him.

“While there are suggestions that Mr. Truby was losing patience with him long before January 2021, had there been such a vendetta I find it likely that they would have stepped up the dismissal process a lot. faster than they did.

“There have been a significant number of incidents involving [Mr Brelsford] from February 2017. These concerned [his] behavior towards children, especially the way he spoke to them or interacted with them …

“Although none of the incidents giving rise to the disciplinary warnings were exactly the same, they all followed the same theme and concerned [Mr Brelsford’s] driving with children as the [school] considered inappropriate. “

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