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September is National Big Brothers Big Sisters Month, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ponoka (BBBS) celebrates mentorship once again by asking local businesses to “Turn the Town Teal”.

Interested companies can contact BBBS Ponoka at the Ponoka Youth Center to receive a decoration kit, complete with teal colored balloons. Take a photo and post it on social media, and your business will be entered into a raffle to receive free coffee delivery from BBBS Ponoka.

“It’s a way to market our programs, what we offer and just the need for mentors,” said Morgen Chernick, fundraising coordinator.

BBBS Ponoka also ran pop-up information kiosks across town throughout the month to encourage people to volunteer for the mentorship.

As BBBS Ponoka celebrates its 33rd year of existence, the 33rd person who approaches them and asks them about mentoring on each of their pop-ups will win an award.

All Alberta Health Services protocols are followed during pop-up windows.

BBBS Ponoka was at Boston Pizza on Thursday, September 16, and was also hosted by Dollar Tree, The Bird Drug Co., Ponoka License and Registry.

BBBS wants to make sure mentor and mentee matchmaking continues to happen and says they will follow all COVID-19 protocols to keep mentees and mentors safe.

The volunteer admission process is flexible. This can be done virtually, over the phone or in person, following any guidelines.

While mentors are always needed, it is a particular need for male mentors right now.

School mentoring takes place from September to June. Mentors are matched with a child aged six to 17. Pairings take place one hour a week and allow artisans to play games or do other activities together.

Community mentoring will continue to the extent possible, while following all current COVID-19 guidelines.

Based on their statistics, 93 percent of Ponoka mentees reported feeling more confident because of a mentor, and 100 percent said they felt secure and supported by their mentor.

BBBS says anyone can be a mentor. All it takes is a commitment to be a caring friend to a young person.

The following companies have “Turn the Town Teal” kits:

Boston pizza

Pizza D’Oro

Ford heritage

Battle River Insurance

Pet value

Ponoka News

The Raspberry Patch

Ladies lingerie burst

Daisy Dots Quilting and Crafts

Integral tire

Ponoka Primary School

Physio Advantage

Mission Thrift Store

Canned chicken

Ponoka permit and register



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