Supermom In Training: 5 Ways To Make Virtual School Less Stressful For Everyone Parenthood 101

So we’re back to virtual school … once again. Can I have a collective “UGH !!!!!”

Our son did virtually all of sophomore last year, so you can imagine my utter relief when he returned to school in person last September (my job and sanity was in decline). And there we are, back to online learning.

Our only major advantage: been there, done that. I knew how to prepare. And I wanted to share 5 ways to make virtual school less stressful for everyone:

– Prepare snacks and lunches in advance. When kids are on a “break” and have their lunch hour, cooking on the spot can waste precious time. Just like you were packing your children’s food the night before, it’s a good idea to do the same with the virtual school.

– Have a routine in place. Even if children don’t come out the door and physically go to school, they still need a schedule. Bedtime and wake-up times should stay the same, and they should wake up and prepare the same when dressing and brushing their teeth. The same goes for after school routines.

– Go outside. Children have two recess for one reason: they need some fresh air and some movement. My child goes out every recess, regardless of the weather.

– Avoid screens during school hours. It might sound difficult in theory, but kids will find some great ways to keep busy during downtime at virtual school. They can read, draw, play, build, etc. And it will avoid arguments over when things like televisions and video games should be turned off.

– Do not put pressure on yourself or your child. It is uncharted territory. It is very difficult for children to stay engaged and attentive on a screen. And teachers know it. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with your child. And be grateful and kind to your child’s teachers.

Mum working full time from home, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) loves to get into healthy cooking, craft projects, family outings and more, sharing with readers all she knows about being a (almost) superhero mom. .

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