Softball LL: Rigors of practice take their toll and Hempfield’s Shreiner retires; Meier of Ephrata at Banner Week [column] | High school softball

People of a certain vintage – that is, old people – will fondly remember the days when, if you had a lick in school, you were sure to have another in the House.

Now let me state, firmly and for the record, that I am not advocating a return to capital punishment in schools, nor that I condone child abuse.

But it harkens back to a simpler time when parents and teachers — and by extension, coaches — were neck and neck. Those days have gone the way of the 7 cent pack of Krimpets, as anyone paying attention to current events will attest.

Gone are the days of a coach guiding you, your child and maybe even your grandchild. These days, there’s a turnstile at the coach’s office door and it spins like a turbine. When a coach steps down to “spend more time with my family,” it may mean they want to spend less time with your family.

The latest coach to decide his life was better off without the aggravation is Hempfield softball coach Terry Shreiner. Shreiner, in his sixth year as head coach of the Black Knights, resigned early last week.

He leaves the Black Knights with a coaching record of 61 wins and 32 losses, including 3-4 this year. Adding his four years at the helm of the program with Lancaster Mennonite, he is 91-62 overall.

Confirming his resignation in an email, Shreiner offered a one-word response: “Parents.”

In a phone conversation, Hempfield acting athletic director Todd Reitnour said: “I support Terry as a coach and as a friend. Whatever he chooses is best for him.

With nine games left in the regular season and the Knights very much in the hunt for a spot in the LL playoffs, Shreiner’s assistants Whitney Brenneman and Chris Landis will co-coach the team.

Wonderful Meier

While you can find just about anyone who had a better week than Black Knight softball, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who had a better week than Ephrata’s Ellie Meier.

Throwing three full games in three days, the sophomore right-hander won all three. She battled her way through a 7-5 win over Cedar Crest on Monday.

She did not hit Conestoga Valley on Tuesday, with two errors between her and a perfect game in a 3-0 pitching duel with Rhiannon Henry of the Buckskins.

To cap off her week, she held McCaskey to one hit Wednesday in a game shortened to five innings by the mercy rule. Oh yes, she also homered in the McCaskey game.

“Ellie has been a workhorse for us from day one, and last week’s performance showed exactly why,” Mountaineers coach Katie Yohe said in an email. “Not only did she pitch three days in a row, but in 18 innings of work (actually 19, but who’s counting?), she allowed just seven hits and had 25 strikeouts.”

She also walked just two batters during that span.

“While these numbers speak for themselves,” Yohe continued, “they take on even more weight when they noted that they came up against a section two opponent and two section cross teams. a.

“His determination to succeed is second to none. As a team, whether on the mound, in the field or at home plate, our goal is to be better on every pitch, and Ellie attacks that motto with everything she has,” Yohe said. “She’s ready for battle every time she starts and to watch her grow and play and come out is just a joy to watch.”

Correspondent Dave Byrne covers LL softball for LNP. Email him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter at @dbyrneman.

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