Should schools be reopened for offline education after February 5?

Sonal Panchal,
School principal
Yes, schools should be reopened after February 5. Now we have to be ready and learn to fit in this environment. Good nutrition, Covid protocols including social distancing will be the main weapons to keep corona at bay. We should not spoil the present and the future of children in this way.

Chirag Parmar,
hospital administrator
Yes. In the current scenario, most people recover in three or four days, and the symptoms are also not known to be severe. Reopening schools will help boost student morale, as will meeting their friends and learning in a classroom. Teachers will also be able to catch up on the pending program.

Mena Nathani,
retired bank officer
Reopening schools can cause a public health setback as it can accelerate the mutation and risk another brutal wave of Covid. A premature reopening may pose a higher risk not only to students, but also to all stakeholders, including family members. We should consider reopening schools after the substantial decrease in Corona cases, and instead leverage technology to ensure that no student is deprived of knowledge.

MK Singh,
Schools should be reopened after February 5 at all costs. Due to the pandemic situation, we lost two years of study, and it is a great loss for the students. Since vaccines are now also available for children and Covid cases are decreasing, schools should be reopened as soon as possible.
Nishith Shah,
Children become aggressive when their natural instincts are curbed. Confined to their homes, they are deprived of their natural desire to play. School has a lifelong influence on children during their formative years. Schools must be reopened and parents must be reassured that all safety standards will be met in schools and that their children will get back to the learning rhythm. To reassure parents, insurance coverage of Rs 2 lakh per student may also be offered by the government.

N Viladrinath,
Yes definitely. Children should enjoy this advantage because their overall growth, productivity, production and maturity are only possible through individual interaction. Schools should start at least twice a week, with 25% capacity in each class on a rotating basis as a precautionary measure.

Savit Kumar,
Yes, schools should reopen as children will benefit from a change in atmosphere. When the exams are approaching, writing an offline exam will determine the motor skills of the child, and there will be social development, because the children have not been able to meet their friends due to the pandemic situation.

Sunil Agrawal,
Students are not as serious about studying in online courses as they would be in a classroom, they are getting lazy now. Given the current situation, the government has opened everything, so why not schools? Schools must also go offline to provide adequate education and for the overall development of children.

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