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With the sudden and surprising resignation of TJ Scholz, Washington is looking for a male high school basketball coach.

Statement from Coach Scholz on Twitter after meeting the team today:

“The last seven years have been the best years of my coaching career. I am proud of what our coaches and teams have been able to accomplish. I am even more proud of the relationships we have been able to create. I’ve been blessed to coach such great kids and players throughout my career here.

The birth of our second child made me think about what I want at this point in my life. To haveg the possibility of spending more time with my family weighed on my heart.

With all that being said, I’ll be takipause coaching hoops right now. I would like to thank the administration and the school board for their support over the past seven years. I would like to thank the coaches with whom I had the pleasure of working. And above all, I would like to thank the players I was able to coach here. You deserve all the credit for the success of this program. You will always have a special place in my heart. #FAMILY “

Upon his announcement on Wednesday, Director of Athletics and Operations Andy Newby said, “The position of Head Basketball Coach is open and candidates will be interviewed as soon as possible.”

Washington Schools appreciates Coach Scholz for his dedication to the basketball program over the past seven years,” Newbyou said.

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