SCPCR asks CS to develop guidelines for the operation of coaching institutes

The Chairperson of the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR), Geeta Khanna, has written to Chief Secretary Sukhbir Singh Sandhu to lay down guidelines for the operation of coaching institutes across the state to to ensure the safety of young students. Khanna said the commission had received several complaints against the operation of several coaching institutes over the past few years. Considering this, she inspected several such institutes in Dehradun and found the absence of standard operating procedure (SOP) in most of the institutes.

She said that thousands of students from several villages, towns and other states are coming to Dehradun to get coached in such institutes which take a huge amount of money in fees but still do not provide the basic facilities needed for a student. She said students under the age of 18 are mostly enrolled in these coaching institutes, but they are still not treated properly by the coaching operators. Most coaching institutes in other cities in the state also have somewhat similar requirements, Khanna said. She said that to ensure that operators of coaching institutes across the state work in accordance with the law without jeopardizing the future of students, she asked the CS to take steps to develop guidelines for managing the institutes. She said that in line with her knowledge and understanding of the operation of coaching institutes due to her inspections, she sent suggestions to CS on some important issues including basic facilities and student safety, regulation costs and the sanction of irregularities by coaching. management. She said she also wrote to Sandhu to hold a meeting soon with relevant departments to take action on the matter as soon as possible.

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