Retail Crawford completes GBI training for ICAC working group


Retail Brady and det. Crawford (PCPD Facebook page)

A new addition to the ICAC task force at the Polk County Police Department increases the capacity of local officers to tackle child predators online, according to the latest Polk County Police post on Tuesday after- midday.

Detective Brandon Crawford now joins Det. B. Brady, as the latest officer to receive training and accreditation to participate in investigation and puncture operations, is set out to find those breaking the law online looking for inappropriate relationships with underage users or who deal in illegal child pornography.

Retail Crawford’s work with the GBI has already produced results with an arrest in Decatur.

Here is the announcement from the Polk County Police Department:

Congratulations to Detective Brandon Crawford (# 815) for recently completing intense training in Decatur, Georgia for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. ??!

?? During their training, Detective Crawford and Detective Brady conducted cat operations in association with the GBI. Detective Crawford’s online chat led to the arrest of a predator in Decatur, Georgia!

?? Our agency now has two criminal investigators who are attached to the ICAC working group for our region! Detective Brady has already been attached to the ICAC task force for our agency for quite some time!

?? At Polk County Police Department, we are committed to building strong cases and proactive investigations of those who prey on our children online. Our officers are patrolling today and are here to serve you!

Call us if you need us! ??

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