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Marci Lobel

Marci Lobel, professor in the Department of Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences and in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine at the Renaissance School of Medicine, received the 2021 Award for Excellence in Mentorship in Health Psychology of the Society for Health Psychology at a ceremony held at the American Psychological Association Annual Conference. She received the award for successfully mentoring students and for her influence in the field of health psychology and research excellence.

Professor Lobel is director of the Stress and Reproduction (STAR) laboratory and former director of the doctoral program in social and health psychology. Her research focuses on stress, coping and their effects on health, particularly reproductive health, including studies aimed at addressing public health issues in the United States such as racial disparities in maternal health and opioid dependence during pregnancy. She is currently investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pregnant women and their offspring in the United States and six other countries.

Lobel teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social psychology, gender psychology and women’s health psychology. She is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Stony Brook Child Care and has led a number of initiatives to address the work-family challenges facing students, staff and faculty.

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