Post Courier GBV training held in Rabaul

VICTIMS of gender-based violence (GBV) will speak out if they are aware that channels for referral and support are readily and widely available through a concerted effort by all stakeholders.

Rabaul District Administrator Benedict Mode said during a recent GBV protocol training that key entities participating in referral pathways have an obligation to community members.

Participants in the three-day training included ward members, community development officers, village court officials, a magistrate, business development officers, ward development officers, a nurse, teachers and women’s representatives. The training was sponsored by Child Fund and led by ENB FSVAC.

“No matter what sector you are in, addressing domestic violence requires a coordinated community response that includes health facilities, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, schools that welcome children victims and effective public policy,” he said.

Mr. Mode pledged district support for future GBV trainings.

He said the training was timely as the district this week will see the official opening of the Community Justice Center which will support GBV work in the province.

Meanwhile, ENB FSVAC Coordinator Aidah Ikilik said ENB was the first province to develop the ENB inter-agency response protocol and guidance guidelines in 2021, which are now being delivered to districts from Rabaul, which has been identified as a hotspot of violence.

She said the training aims to support ENB’s inter-agency response protocol and guidance guidelines and to strengthen and formalize the response to domestic and sexual violence in the province.

“The training ensures that all agencies and workers understand their key roles and responsibilities when responding to survivors or victims of GBV or domestic sexual violence,” she said.

She said families must be targeted because every citizen who causes social problems belongs to a family and a church.

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