Pope John Paul I’s teaching echoed ‘faith of the apostles’, pope says

ROME — Pope John Paul I’s time as pope, though brief, remains an important example of the beauty and simplicity of faith, Pope Francis said.

In a preface to a new compendium of his predecessor’s teachings and writings, Pope Francis wrote that God, through the late pontiff’s short pontificate, “has found a way to show us that the only treasure is faith, simple faith of the apostles”.

“It is precisely thanks to the faith of the Christian people to which he belonged that he was able to take a prophetic look at the wounds and the evils of the world, showing how much peace is so dear to the heart of the Church”, a- he added. mentioned.

The preface was published by the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore RomanoMay 9.

The pope said that during his pontificate, Pope John Paul “confessed faith, hope and charity as God-given virtues” and insisted that caring for the poor and needy was “a infallible part of the apostolic faith”.

Recalling the late Pope’s prayers when he officially took possession of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in 1978, Pope Francis noted that his predecessor “quoted the formulas and prayers he learned in childhood to reaffirm that the oppression of the poor and ‘cheating the workers of their just wages’ are sins which ‘cry for vengeance in the sight of God’.

His public speeches calling for peace in the world, the pope said, were proof of his hope that the Church “would contribute to creating an atmosphere of justice, fraternity, solidarity and hope, without which the world would not can’t live”.

Pope John Paul, he wrote, showed that peace “was not the product of his own thought,” but of Christian faith.

It is the same “faith that he received as a gift from his family of workers and immigrants, who knew the toil of life to bring home bread; of people who walked on the earth and not in the clouds,” he said.

Quoting St. Oscar Romero’s homily in 1978 after the late pope’s death, Pope Francis said that “with the deaths of two popes and two papal elections” that year, the world saw that the hierarchy of the he Catholic Church was placed “on the shoulders of fragile men”, but called to be “the channel by which the Church is guided and governed” and a “sacramental sign” of the “grace which is given to men”.

Through the death of Pope John Paul, “it was easy to recognize that the Church is not built by the pope nor by the bishops: the successor of Peter is ‘the stone of consistency’ on which rests the unity of the Church that Christ himself built, with the gift of his grace,” the pope wrote.

Pope Francis is due to beatify Pope John Paul on September 4 at the Vatican.

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