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A video from a public school in Uttar Pradesh is making the rounds on the internet in which school children could be seen being forced to do work.

In the viral video, children could be seen dressed in school uniforms and loading and unloading bricks inside the school premises. The incident happened at a public school in Bhadohi district, Uttar Pradesh. Shortly after the video went viral, a basic education official ordered an investigation against the public school and the principal.

The official informed that the children were forced to do manual labor for the new building being constructed in the school premises.

Watch the viral video here:

After the video went viral, social media users criticized the Yogi Adiyanath-led government in the state.

In July, a similar video went viral from Bihar, in which school children at a public school were forced to dig a well and cut the roots of a tree inside the school premises.

The incident happened in Jehanabad district of Bihar. After the video surfaced on the internet, Jehanabad District Magistrate Richie Pandey visited the school and ordered an investigation into the matter.

Reports also said that the principal had forced the school children to work part-time because the school kitchen shed was open and he had not found workers to fix it.

Watch the viral video here:

In a contrasting incident, a teacher in Uttar Pradesh helped more than 800 children with disabilities enroll in school. The teacher, Deepmala Pandey, is employed at Gangapur Primary School and she requires every teacher to enroll at least one specially disabled child in a public school.

The teacher said she started the One Teacher movement, a call to motivate teachers to help at least one of these children get admitted to a public school and so far, through a collective effort, they have managed to help 800 disabled children.

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