Philips Launches Pediatric Coaching to Improve Magnetic Resonance Imaging Patient Experience for Young Children


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Philips Pediatric Coaching experience

October 11, 2021

  • Holistic, play-based coaching may help reduce the use of general anesthesia [1] and reduce the risk of healthcare-induced trauma in many pediatric patients who feel anxious during MRI scans

  • Philips Ambient Experience solution uses augmented reality, gamification and ‘buddy system’ techniques to engage and guide children through their MRI journey, from home to hospital

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Philips Royal (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in healthcare technology, today announced the launch of Philips Pediatric Coaching, a holistic solution designed to be a less stressful experience for parents and their children undergoing exams. MRI. Using gamification and ‘buddy system’ techniques to prepare children and their parents in advance, the solution helps guide young children through the MRI procedure to dramatically improve the experience. of the patient. Pediatric coaching is the latest initiative launched within Philips Ambient experience portfolio, comprising a wide range of dedicated solutions to help improve the patient and staff experience.

Acquiring high-quality pediatric MRI images can be difficult for both radiologists and the child undergoing the exam. Fear of the unfamiliar surroundings of an MRI system can be stressful for a young child, making them restless and unable to stand still, which is necessary for good image quality. As a result, scans are often performed under sedation or general anesthesia, which parents believe has drawbacks such as post-scan irritability for the child and fears of repeated exposure to anesthesia. [2]. Having to resort to such measures or caring for a conscious but distressed child is a challenge for hospital staff, which increases the time and costs of the procedure. By helping to empower children during an MRI, the Philips Pediatric Coaching solution solves many of these problems.

“As adults, many of us can experience anxiety and stress during an MRI scan, and this is especially true for our younger patients. By removing the factors that can trigger stress, we are improving the pediatric patient engagement experience to help improve outcomes, ”said Werner Satter, CEO of Philips Healthcare Environment and Experience Design. “With Philips Pediatric Coaching, we are deploying gamification to help children better prepare for their MRI in a non-threatening environment at home, interacting with the same character and voice as Ollie the Elephant and his friends, who also coach them in the hospital, and can even coach them during the MRI procedure itself.

To prepare for their MRI, children have a gamified mobile application that familiarizes the child and his parents with an MRI procedure in a fun way. The app also presents the child with a virtual ‘buddy’ with whom they can play a role in performing an MRI – for example, posing as the system operator and helping their buddy stand still in order to get the scan. better picture. The app also uses augmented reality to allow the child to explore the MRI system at home before entering the hospital. Many parents express their willingness to help prepare their child in advance, and by playing alongside their child they can learn more about the procedure as well.

When the family visits the X-ray department, the same familiar virtual buddy interacts with the child as they play with Philips’ newly improved ‘Kitten Scanner’ – a small-scale educational scanner that allows children to scan various toy animals. and see what’s inside each animal for a better understanding of the procedure ahead. When the child takes their scan, the familiar voice and image of their boyfriend is projected onto the Philips Ambient Experience in-bore Connect solution, to guide the child through the scanning process by guiding him, by example, on when and how to hold your breath. With the new pediatric coaching solution, parents are reassured and the child is empowered and well prepared, which ensures the capture of high quality images necessary for an accurate diagnosis of the child’s condition.

Today’s announcement follows a similar initiative focusing on children between Philips and Walt Disney Company EMEA earlier this year to test the effects of bespoke animations, including specially crafted Disney stories, within Philips Ambient experience hospital settings. An overview of revolutionary innovations in pediatric imaging to help improve care for younger patients, including how to reduce fear and anxiety in pediatric patients, is also discussed in a recent blog post by Dr Julia Dmitrieva, Head of KOL Engagement for Precision Diagnostics at Philips.

The Philips Pediatric coaching solution is launched at the International Congress of Pediatric Radiology 2021 (IPR 2021), October 11-15, 2021 in Rome, Italy. Along with the MRI journey, Philips also plans to make its pediatric coaching available in other diagnostic imaging modalities such as computed tomography. The solution will also be on display at the Philips booth at the upcoming 2021 Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2021), November 28 to December 2, 2021 in Chicago, United States. To rejoin Philips at RSNA 2021 where the company will showcase its latest cutting-edge technology driving connected workflows and intelligent diagnostic systems, to increase diagnostic efficiency and confidence in precision care.

[1] Rung SB, Christensen, The Netherlands, Jensen K, Jensen IbE. Child-Centered Care: Minimizing the Need for Anesthesia with a Multifaceted Concept for MRI in Children 4-6 Years of Age. European Journal of Radiology. 2018; 107: 183-187.
[2] Walker, B., Conklin, HM, Anghelescu, DL, Hall, LP, Reddick, WE, Ogg, R., & Jacola, LM (2018). Perspectives and parental preferences for strategies for non-sedation MRI in a pediatric oncology population. Supportive Cancer Care, 26 (6), 1815-1824.

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