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We live in a small town. Our daughter, who will soon be moving into Class XI at a local school here, is extremely bright and eager to pursue a career in science or technology. However, she’s a very shy and sheltered girl (only child), so sending her to another city for engineering entry coaching (and enrolling in a big school in the city) doesn’t seem like an option. feasible option. Should she drop out one year after Class XII? We are very confused because we want the best for her.
Don’t worry, thanks to the internet and great advancements in EdTech, there are great online as well as blended learning options available for students like your daughter who can’t or don’t want to attend physical coaching. for entrance exams or even for school boards. From proven platforms like Khan Academy, Unacademy, Byju’s, etc., we now have legacy players like FITJEE and even reputable residential centers in Kota that have moved their offerings online over the past two years, accelerated by the Covid lockdown. They have stepped up to offer live online classes in e-school format. In addition to being more interactive and engaging, they give students the ability to watch (and re-watch) the videos at their convenience to reinforce learning and clarify concepts. Regular mock testing in a ‘mock’ classroom helps the student get a feel for the real exam room setting while comparing their performance to thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of students across the country, so they know exactly where they stand and work on their pain points.
They also assign online mentors who are available online throughout the day to help with any difficulties the student may be facing.
Along with the convenience of studying from the comfort of your home, it saves you a lot of wasted time and energy commuting to and from physical coaching centers across town. Not to mention the savings on money spent on hostel/PG, accommodation and boarding in another city, homesickness away from your family.
However, take your time. Check reviews and ratings, talk to friends whose kids may have benefited from good online coaching, and weigh their feedback before signing up. I wish your daughter the best for her future.
New nomenclature
Our daughter, who will be giving her Class XII boards this year, is very creative and says she wants to take a course in visual communication. Is this a new design? In our time, we had graphic design classes. What is the scope?
Many of the old BFA courses in commercial art/graphic design now have a new nomenclature: visual communication as well as design communication. You can call it an “old wine in a new bottle” crate. With some important additions, namely digital, animation, photography, etc.
Visual communication design is concerned with the presentation of information, whether printed on paper, presented on a screen, or displayed outdoors or at an exhibition.
Visual communication graduates are employed by design studios and consultants, advertising agencies, social media and digital marketing companies, book and magazine publishers, printers, and as in-house designers for large corporations. companies, online marketing platforms, etc.
Opportunities for visual communicators also exist in fashion, the television and film industry, multimedia and web design companies, exhibit designers, packaging, stationery and visual merchandising.

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