Old Town Police Need Volunteers For Field Sobriety Testing Training

It might be the only way to fail a field sobriety test without the handcuffs.

The Old Town Police are looking for volunteers to help train new police officers. The Old Town Elks Lodge will hold a training exercise for new officers to master Field Sobriety Testing. The test includes a walk-in bend test, balance test, and nystagmus eye test. It will take place at the Elks Lodge in the Old Town on Saturday June 4 at 7:30 p.m.

According to Old Town Elks #1287, “We don’t encourage intoxication, rather we help the police department train their officers in a safe and controlled environment.” For those who are intoxicated, home transportation will be provided at no legal or financial expense.

The test is done to prove that you are sober or impaired. It will also show the level of individual impairment as they perform the tests. Those interested in volunteering need only stop by the Elks Pavilion on Fourth Street in Old Town.

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