Nine graduates of the PPTC course at the Frobel Training Academy


Nine alumni of the third batch of the Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTC) graduated from the Frobel Training Academy.

In collaboration with the Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute, Pune, India, the one-year course was launched in 2017.

All alumni are equipped to implement better classroom management strategies, know how to identify children with diverse learning needs in classrooms, and are able to support any school principal with their ideas and delivery. of course in an interactive way.

The Pre-Primary and Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTC) focuses on child development theories, principles of education, special needs of students, and offers rich experiences in extracurricular activities , cultural celebrations, participation in annual musical programs, sports day, etc. to name a few.

Each alumnus has completed an online internship at Sunderji Global Academia schools, India, as well as online course observation at Frobel Academy and Frobel Play School, Chattogram.

The fourth batch of PPTC has been enrolled in a hybrid version of the course and will graduate in 2022.

Frobel Academy directors Huwra Zohair, Sabeen Aameir, chief guest Nusrat Khan and course trainers attended the event ensuring everyone’s safety during the pandemic.

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