Nigeria Joint Response Case Study: Microenterprise Management Training and Malnutrition Treatment – Value for Money: Effectiveness, September 2021 – Nigeria



This case study summarizes an analysis conducted by EYN, JDF, JDPH and SCI using the Dioptra tool to assess the cost-effectiveness of microenterprise management training and treatment of malnutrition in Nigeria. The analysis revealed that:

  • Microenterprise management training in Nigeria costs around € 114 per client in rural areas and € 319 per client in urban areas. The difference in cost was largely due to the differences in urban and rural context, the type of IGA training and the amount of cash grants given to businesses that were tailored to local preferences to ensure the viability of the microenterprises created.

  • Where possible, standardizing common components of business skills training so that training materials can be reused across multiple sites can improve VfM.

  • It costs € 149 per child to recover from severe acute malnutrition, and € 30 per child to recover from moderate acute malnutrition in Nigeria. If funding had not been limited, screening and treating more children with moderate acute malnutrition could have increased MPV and prevented more children from degenerating into severe acute malnutrition.

  • Strong community engagement and the visible physical impact of ready-to-use complementary foods (RUSFs) on children has ensured caregiver acceptance and participation in MAM screening and treatment.

  • Cost-effectiveness was not systematically different between international NGOs and local NGOs.
    Collaboration between NGOs on the basis of their respective strengths to ensure client reach and technical quality is more important to achieve VpM than concentrating resources on one type of agency.

  • National NGOs have strong relationships with communities and can serve the hardest to reach, but need to be funded at the same level as international NGOs in order to spread the benefits of the program to more people in need and to leave no one behind. side.

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