NFP President tasks Kaduna elders with mentoring youth

The President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter, Apostle Emmanuel Bako met over the weekend with Kafanchan elders to make proclamations that would change the tides in South Kaduna.

The punch reports that the meeting, which was labeled “Just Before We Go”, was called to redefine the next generation so they could create an impact that would outlive the older generation and reverse age-old curses in the land.

Addressing the meeting, Apostle Bako said the purpose of the meeting was to change the status quo where parents in the country, who might have survived their youth, did not see the need to leave a good basis on which their children could build.

He lamented why the elderly were reluctant to make statements and proclamations that would speak of the existence of a new society, children and grandchildren.

Bako, who is the founder of Power-Based Church in Kafanchan, encouraged them to ensure that they build and create a family, community and regional tree of existence so that the younger generations can connect to it and benefit from it. , even after they must have passed away from life.

The organizer also appealed to the older generation of the country to make sure to teach their children the history where they came from so that they also pass it on to future generations.

While emphasizing the need for parents to continue pronouncing and declaring blessings upon their children regardless of the circumstances, Apostle Bako explained that it will create a bright future for them.

The meeting, which was attended by a good number of elders from across the country, resolved to begin making positive statements as they renewed their commitment to guide their children in making decisions that would secure their future.

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