NFL 2021: Deion Sanders ‘richer by $ 20 million,’ Brittany Renner, tips, Jackson State coaching

Deion Sanders believes he would have saved a staggering fortune if he had listened to Instagram model Brittany Renner.

Deion Sanders believes he would be $ 20 million richer if he had heard Brittany Renner’s life advice when he was at Florida State University.

In a recent conversation with Renner on his podcast, “21st and first“Sanders said he wished he had heard her advice sooner.

“Let me tell you something. If I had it in my ear,” Sanders said, according to The New York Post.

“If I had been sitting in that room in Florida state and had her come and spread her out like she did.” If I had had that, I would be at least $ 20 million richer.

In October, Sanders invited Renner to speak to his Jackson State football team.

The Instagram personality, a Mississippi HBCU alumnus, explored the subject of transactional relationships.

Renner cautioned players to be vigilant before hitching up their carts to someone who’s there to have a good time but who runs away at the first sight of adversity.

When Renner replied “Oh, really” to Sanders’ comments on his podcast, the NFL legend went into the details next.

“Yes, because of the game,” Sanders said, according to the Bugle Ledger.

“Because everything she explained, I would have been better prepared for the game of life. I was prepared for football, but not for this other game. Because I was so locked up. And then I misinterpreted what love and certain women were. If I had that, I promise you at least 20. At least $ 20 million more because of divorces, legal fees, everything I’ve been through as a man.

Sanders, 54, had two marriages, both of which ended in divorce.

Renner, meanwhile, has had a publicly tumultuous relationship with Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington.

Last month, Renner opened up about the unfortunate romance and denied recent allegations that she had a child with Washington for the “bambooz” for money.

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