Newmont: Supporting the Women in Resources International Mentoring Program for the Fifth Year

Newmont has been a proud sponsor of the International Women in Resources Mentorship Program (IWRMP) since its inception in 2018, as part of our commitment to the growth and talent of our workforce.

“I have loved my involvement in the International Women in Resources Mentorship Program. This is my fifth year and I have met and grown with some amazing women who I keep in regular contact with. The program is so mutually beneficial and even though I trust my mentees advantage, I am still learning and developing over the four months I look forward to another strong mentoring partnership where I can support someone in their development and hope that may also challenge my way of thinking.

– Suzy Retallack, SVP, Health, Safety and Security

The IWRMP is an annual business-to-business program designed to promote and empower women as they progress in their careers, overcome professional challenges, and build confidence for business success and leadership. industry. The six-month course offers tailored online programs and the opportunity to network with over 70 industry mentors.

“Mentoring can be such an essential tool for personal and professional development for both mentee and mentor. I hope to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of my mentor and this year’s cohort of women inspiring, strong, capable and driven to continue to grow myself and my team so that together we can reach our full potential, while increasing the power and presence of women at all levels of the resource industry. am very excited to be part of this unique program – and to be part of building a stronger network of women and allies supporting women in the resource sector.”

– Meghan Cartwright, Mine Superintendent

“The structured nature of this program provides the mentor and mentee with a guided path to achieve clearly defined goals. It’s not about informal discussions – it’s about identifying the mentee’s goals and supporting the mentee to come up with a plan to reach them. As a mentor, I not only enjoy helping other women in the resource industry succeed, but I also bring a lot of insight into my own development.”

– Jayne Finch, Manager, Mining Infrastructure

For Newmont, one of the main strengths of the program is its focus on inclusion and diversity, particularly its goal of reducing cross-cultural barriers. Through mentor-mentee partnerships, talented and motivated mentees and senior industry leaders invest in the future of women in mining.

“The IWRMP provides opportunities to help uplift the women who are already making a difference in our industry. As an IWRMP Mentor, I am inspired by the women I have worked with and have had the chance to build long-term relationships I certainly get as much out of the program as any mentee.

– Briony Coleman, Director, Legal Compliance, Licensing and Insurance

“Women in mining remain underrepresented and are often overlooked for leadership positions. Creating a more diverse and inclusive environment for women in mining is vital and I am once again proud to to be a mentor in this year’s IWRMP I look forward to mentoring women in mining to equip them with the skills and knowledge to successfully establish their careers and help them achieve ambitious goals to change the story around women in the resource sector Over the past two sessions I have attended, it has been a real win-win, as I have also learned a lot from the mentee that could be applied more broadly to help both attract and retain a more diverse workforce.”

– Ivan Mullany, SVP, Projects

“I am thrilled and honored to have been selected to participate in this program. I look forward to interacting with other strong women and mentors throughout this process to develop my leadership skills. I am currently waiting my first child and Newmont has I supported my participation in the Women in Resources international mentorship program It’s encouraging to be part of a diverse company that allows its employees to grow while maintaining a balance between work and life. private life.

– Janice Wallgren, MTS Superintendent

“I continue to be blown away by the generous development opportunities Newmont provides me. I look forward to further exposure and development opportunities with world-class mentors in a wide range of countries and regions. companies in the resource sector, and to embark on this journey of growth and direction so that I can become a better leader and pass it on to my team.”

– Rachel Manger, Superintendent of Mine Production

Visit the website to learn more about the International Women in Resources Mentorship Program.

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