New Live, Online Coaching Program Helps Early Childhood Administrators Onboard and Prepare New Educators Quickly

As early childhood programs struggle to bounce back from the pandemic and grapple with staffing challenges, Teaching Strategies launches the Teacher Acceleration Program – an eight-week online coaching and training program available through the Professional Development Teacher Membership.

BETHESDA, MD., November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Teaching Strategies, the leading provider of early learning, assessment, professional development, and family engagement tools, today announced a new “bootcamp” offering to help early childhood educators early years to acclimate to post-pandemic learning environments, while providing relief to program administrators who are grappling with unprecedented staffing challenges.

“As a team of former educators, we have so much compassion for what programs are going through right now and wanted to play a role in helping administrators intentionally train and support new educators joining the staff of their team at a time when job stress and burnout are at an all-time high The Teacher Acceleration Program was born out of a sense of urgency to ensure that all educators have the confidence and professional foundation that they need to be great teachers,” said Breeyn Mack, former early childhood educator and senior vice president of education at Teaching Strategies. “By providing ECE program managers with a quick and effective way to integrating teachers, we can support those who are new to the field or to the ecosystem of teaching strategies. This program is an opportunity for teachers to get personalized and immediate support and build a foundation of skills that has prepared them to succeed in their critical work not just this year, but hopefully many more to come.”

The eight-week Teacher Acceleration Program provides educators with dedicated live coaching, a weekly live class with a small cohort of peers in the program, and a roadmap for what to do each week. Each week focuses on key foundational topics, such as classroom management techniques, the importance of play in pedagogy, observation-based approaches to individualized instruction, and personal mental health strategies. In addition to weekly themed classes and access to a personal coach, each participant also has access to a small cohort of educators, a discussion group on the teaching strategies community forum and a helpline. “Ask the Expert” phone call with experienced and trained early childhood educators. and coaches ready to answer questions within two hours.

In a recent Teaching Strategies survey of early childhood educators, educators who reported having access to high-quality professional development opportunities were also more likely to be satisfied with their job and less likely to leave the occupation. Nearly 60% of all educators surveyed said online would be one of their preferred methods of participating in professional development, and more than a third of educators said it was the only way they wanted a professional development.

Available free in 2022 to current and new providers using the Creative Strategies curriculum and Professional Development Teacher Membership, the Teacher Acceleration Program creates a foundation for teachers to earn their Associate’s Degree in child development. Free program builds on first-of-its-kind Teaching Strategies PD Teacher Membershipwhich gives early childhood educators access to live virtual classes, on-demand e-learning courses, self-paced pathways to earn and maintain key credentials from the industry, exclusive access to experts and an online professional learning community with moderated discussion forums, active groups, and open sharing of ideas.

“Across the country, we know that administrators are juggling teacher vacancies themselves, while trying to thoughtfully train and onboard new educators who may have limited early childhood experience. As leaders in the early childhood education market, we have a responsibility to help our customers with their biggest challenges,” said Teaching Strategies CEO John Olson. “The Teacher Acceleration Program extends our partnership to help our customers navigate teacher onboarding while accelerating their classroom effectiveness.”

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