More details emerge on the ADF training center

For a time, locals were suspicious. Strangers would visit the place, but they wouldn’t be seen leaving.

Later, it was discovered that some of the people living in the house were school-aged children, but never enrolled in a nearby school.

One of the leaders who had turned up for prayers at the nearby mosque found one of the miners who had been sent to buy items from a store.

When he asked the child why he was not studying, she reportedly said she was learning the Islamic faith at home. This triggered the information security leader.

“Residents have complained to me that some children are living inside Umar Kabonge’s house, but we are not going to school to study,” he said.

Following concerns from the zone chief, security cordoned off Kabonge’s house on February 19. The house is located in Kikubajinja Village, Piida Parish, Luwero City Council and Luwero District.

Kabonge was arrested along with Akbar Kabanda and an unidentified man. Several objects used in the manufacture of dangerous weapons have been recovered.

Items on display by security included electrical wires used to operate the mortars, boxes of welding machines, small bent mortars, keys and a silenced rifle with bullets.

Others were gunpowder, gun cleaning oil, a motorcycle, and Islamic learning materials, among others. Kabonge’s place of origin, according to security sources, remains a mystery.

His wife, Huthman Mariam, claims his family home is in nearby Nakaseke district, while other sources show he is from the West Nile sub-region and has relatives in Yumbe and Arua districts. , respectively.

“His second wife, Hadijjah Chandiru, resides in West Nile and he is visiting her,” a security source said.

“A few years ago, he lost one of his children, but he was taken to Tabliq sect limbo located in Nakkazi, Luwero district to be buried there, which means his home area is not in or near Luwero,” a security source added.

Kabonge’s official wife (Huthman Mariam) is from Ttikkalu-Kitanda and is the daughter of the late Gitta.

Inside the ADF installation

The house is near the main road. It is a humble house. But the bizarre thing that shocked the journalists during our visit was a tunnel dug in one of the rooms of Kabonge’s house.

The tunnel has a small entrance in the corner on the right side, accessible only by rope.

Even though the rooms in the house were not cemented, the inner part of the tunnel was cemented and frequently cleaned whenever training was conducted.

During the operation, security recovered a rifle that was used to train the miners. He had bullets.

Because it was a silenced gun, it was very difficult for anyone inside the house to know what was going on under the cave.

Inside the cave, the walls had bullet rooms indicating that during training trainees were allowed to shoot.

Meanwhile, one of the leaders who preferred anonymity said that although Kabonge’s house was close to a mosque, he could not allow his family members or neighbors to strike up a conversation. with them.

Defense spokesman Brig. General Felix Kulayigye said the facility was used by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) operatives who were behind the two Kampala bombings last year at the central police station and on Parliamentary Avenue.

Arrest controversies

The region’s president said that when security arrested theirs (Umar Kakonge, alias Ajobe), on February 19, none of them were consulted.

“When the security agents chose him, they consulted one of the committee leaders from the nearby village of Mabanda, identified only as Nkalubo,” he noted.

He did, however, admit that during the second raid on Wednesday and Thursday, security agents hired four of their committee members, including Faith Kafunembi, Badru Kivumbi and Grace Lwanga, during the operation.

Luwero ADF installation linked to Katooke

Investigations further revealed that the ADF terrorist installation based in Luwero is linked to the Katooke terrorist group, led by Akbar Kabanda.

Piida parish councilor Lawrence Mwesige blamed security for quickly granting amnesty to Kabanda, but they knew he posed a great threat to the country.

“Imagine a person who was arrested last year in November, to benefit from an amnesty, knowing full well that he recruited and facilitated terrorist activities,” Mwesige said.

Kabanda’s story remains the most shocking with details revealing that he attended a prestigious university and was a successful businessman.

Those who saw his photo were shocked and wondered why a young man who was brilliant in school and had a bright future ended up in terrorism.

Although he uses Akbar Kabanda, his real name is Abdallah Moses, according to those who shared a class with him at Busoga College Mwiri. Abdallah alias Kabanda attended Mwiri for O’level and little is known about his education after Mwiri.

“When I joined Makerere University in 2004 he had a restaurant right next to Baskon Hostel and when I found out it was his I even convinced my classmates that we all took our meals at his restaurant.”So for a guy who was fine, I’m shocked by that,” noted another former school friend of Kabanda.

Some old boys don’t believe Kabanda is a terrorist. “How did the bright, soft-spoken, well-dressed and high-potential Abdallah Moses end up in this deep mess?” asked another person he knew.

What the leaders say

Kikubajinja local council chairman Fred Liggwa told New Vision that as leaders they know the suspect as Ajobe and not Kabonge.

Liggwa added that Kabonge had no criminal record in years that he had been in the area. One of Kabonge’s neighbors said he was shocked by the development because he knew Kabonge as a humble and hardworking man.

“I never noticed anything unusual about him. Maybe he’s good at hiding his stuff,” the neighbor said.

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