Monarch ‘coach’ Prince George to become king, feared tarnishing his image by backing Prince Andrew



Prince George is, without a doubt, raised like a normal child. In fact, not only is he obsessed with football, but he also enjoys hunting bugs in the garden with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Despite being a carefree kid, Prince George slowly learns that his future wouldn’t be like other kids his age. There were even reports claiming that Prince William and Kate Middleton had already informed on his birthday that he would someday be king.

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Recently, it was claimed that Queen Elizabeth had not started training Prince George to become ruler. Read on to find out more.

Queen Elizabeth would prepare Prince George to become king

Australia Women’s Day, in its October 11 issue, reported that Buckingham Palace sources have disclosed that Queen Elizabeth has started preparing Prince George as future King George VI. Anonymous insiders claimed Her Majesty had “taken private audiences” with the firstborn of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The tipster said:

“George is a brilliant kid and he seemed to long aware that he was treated differently from other kids in school, no matter how much his parents encouraged him to lead a normal life. But, he is surrounded by so much love and support from his parents, grandparents and above all from his “Gan-Gan” [his nickname for the Queen], that one really has the impression that he is prepared for a great success.

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The entertainment outlet added that Queen Elizabeth insisted on spending more time with Prince George than she had ever done with Prince William and Prince Charles at her age. The same unidentified informant said:

“The Queen waited until William was 13 and at Eton before inviting him over for tea and private audiences with her on the weekends, where she began training him on what was expected of him someday.” . But, at age 95, with George, she doesn’t feel like she has the luxury of waiting for him in high school.

The source also told Woman’s Day Australia that Queen Elizabeth is taking a gentle approach with Prince George. Her Majesty is said to have shown her great-grandson films of her when she became Queen and encouraged the young royal to follow in Prince William’s footsteps. The insider added:

“George is a character and it’s pretty obvious that he thinks that’s part of a terrible boredom, but he was brought up with great respect for his grandmother and takes it all in his stride. William and Catherine are very proud.

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The tipster, according to the entertainment publication, claimed that Queen Elizabeth had told Prince William and Kate Middleton that her door was always open if they had any questions or other concerns regarding Prince George’s education. He added that Her Majesty was concerned that George would make the mistakes Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Prince Charles have made in the past, which is why she is so motivated to train George.

While it’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth is spending time training Prince George as a future monarch, it’s important to note that Her Majesty has yet to confirm any of these claims. So, ardent supporters of the Royal Family should take all these unverified reports lightly until everything is proven to be true and correct.

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Queen Elizabeth feared damaging her image by allowing Prince Andrew to go into hiding

Meanwhile, Katie Nicholl claimed, according to Nicki swift, that Queen Elizabeth faces a massive threat for her decision to let Prince Andrew go into hiding. The famous royal correspondent made the fearless statement during an interview with True Royalty TV The royal rhythm.

Katie said Queen Elizabeth’s decision to “publicly support Andrew” was damaging her image, especially in the United States. The royal correspondent said:

“Andrew doesn’t have… accessible money.” They just sold their chalet in Verbier – there was a huge mortgage. I don’t think there is money that you would associate with a duchy.[The Queen] give him shelter. She allows him to Balmoral and allows him to somehow hide in her skirts. And I think it’s for the image of the queen, especially in America, it’s damaging for her.

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Daily mail reported that Prince Andrew is currently in hiding in Balmoral with Queen Elizabeth and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson for weeks. The publication claimed the move was intended to protect Andrew from reports that one of his alleged sexual assault victims was suing him in New York City.

Katie Nicholl’s final remarks came after The telegraph reported that Queen Elizabeth was spending millions to fund Prince Andrew’s legal defense team. The royal family has yet to comment on this information.

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