Forerunner Mentoring, via Facebook

Forerunner Mentoring, a faith-based program for orphaned young men in Lake Highlands, is hosting a celebration dinner for senior graduates on April 27 at RM 12:20 Bistro.

This will be the first year of the new event, called The Company of Men Dinner, and aims to mark the transition of senior graduates from boys to men.

A portion of each ticket is donated to a fund for new suits, pants, dress shirts, shoes and other clothing. Tickets are $250 each, covering meals, drinks and a special surprise at the end.

“The Forerunners will then attend dinner dressed in their new clothes as we celebrate them in what we call: The Company of Men Dinner,” the ministry shared in a Facebook post.

Places are limited to the first 58 registered. Precursors can register for dinner here.