Mahisha Dellinger shares her journey of launching CURLS, mentoring black women entrepreneurs

CEO and Founder of CURLS Mahisha Dellinger continues to power the next generation of female entrepreneurs following the resounding success of her pioneering natural haircare brand.

By appearing on BLACK COMPANY’In “Hip Hop and Enterprise”, Mahisha recalls her journey to starting CURLS in 2002 while still a full-time employee. She felt underappreciated while working for a racist manager who targeted her and “made my life hell”, she explains.

“That’s when the wheels started to turn, not wanting to work so hard for this experience to happen to me,” Mahisha said.

The OWN host goes on to explain how being a “newly natural mother” to her child inspired her to begin the process of developing her own natural hair product. Thanks to her marketing degree, Mahisha has been able to conduct extensive research to determine the need for natural hair products.

She remembers the trip to bring CURLS to the stores that came knocking after they first closed the door on her. Now the owner of a thriving beauty brand on the shelves of major retailers like Ulta Beauty, Mahisha shares her experience of first showing at Ulta Beauty and working with a former buyer who told her he didn’t see the need its type of product.

Having mentored black female entrepreneurs on her OWN show Mind your business with Mahisha, the beauty mogul gave advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, including how to maintain a full-time job while starting a business and why she thinks it’s best to “grow organically” before signing on with an investor.

Always on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs, Mahisha’s Women Making Millions Academy: Mastering Business, Money and Mindset offers a range of virtual winter sessions aimed at guiding BIPOC women towards sustained business growth that will position them as trusted leaders in their respective industries.

As a busy mother of four, Mahisha highlighted the importance of having a supportive partner by her side and how she helps her husband pursue his own business. She also shares how her entrepreneurial virus is rubbing off on her children.

Press play below to discover the ingenious gems of entrepreneurship from CURLS founder Mahisha Dellinger.

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