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Coach Mike

From jumping into different host families to never being accepted by anyone. Coach Mike has learned the meaning of life. The power to understand the human mind.

VISTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 / – The first years of a child’s life are the most critical. Stability, love and certainty are what protect them. All of this was missing in the early years of Mike Coach’s life. He was a child placed in foster care. He lived with eight different foster families during his childhood. As he passed from family to family, he encountered many subcultures across America.

Indeed, a difficult period for a child. Immersing yourself in different cultures is not child’s play. When we think about so many changes in a child’s life, we can only imagine how scary and uncertain life is for them.

Unfortunately, children in foster care face many obstacles and difficulties in life, with limited opportunities to grow up and be healthy. Many children are unable to find their talents and use them.

Things were never easy for young Mike, but he knew that only he could make a difference. Living with different families for most of his young life, he had to adjust to different ways of living, thinking and understanding.

His difficulties in settling into a new environment gave him the agility to adapt to new places, environments and circumstances. He understood people more than anyone.
Living with host families was not easy; he always felt different and rejected. Life took a turn when he stumbled upon a thrift store. As most of the kids were running to the candy section of the same store, Mike was heading for the books section.

He calls it a $ 5 dream.

The story of that $ 5 is that he found a book that gave his life meaning. Something in his heart made young Mike choose a psychology book. A book that made him the coach he is today.

Coach Mike was a work in progress for many years. He knew that the ability to understand people would help him get the best of himself and the people he coaches.
He dedicated his young life to psychology and to learning more about the workings of the human mind. He spent sleepless nights reading the $ 5 book, using a flashlight so as not to wake up the other sleeping children in the foster home. It sounds like a simple point in his life, but it was the springboard of his career.

Reading psychology gave him a new perspective on how to deal with people. He learned to apply the book to his life, but he helped many foster children achieve a healthy state of mind.

Every day was a new day, with learning new principles of psychology. This is what kept him alive with another foster family. For him, the ability to help others around him kept him motivated. His efforts have paid off. He quickly developed a close bond with the other children in the foster home, who were sexually, physically and emotionally abused.

A young Mike had been a coach to many, and until today he has helped many children and adults through their most horrific traumas.

Coach Mike knows people will always need help. Humans are not made to thrive on their own; on the contrary, we thrive in groups by helping each other. Therefore, he has developed resources, programs and guides for men and women to help them become more resilient than they are now.

Today Mike has a psychology degree, masters degree, teaching degree and hopes to get his doctorate. soon. He has been in education for over 20 years, teaching and mentoring students and adults while managing his two mentoring businesses.

It offers many courses to suit individual needs and budgets.

Private Coaching: Discover the 6-step success plan to guide your life. You can benefit from private coaching in various packages including the early learning package, the discovery package, the discovery package and the self-control package. Each of them is designed for participants to grow stronger, use the power of their mind to set healthy boundaries in life, remove self-doubt, and help them overcome thoughts that take things too personally. Coaching also includes advice, training, and tools to overcome procrastination, overthinking, and adversity. Participants will feel much better at the end of their sessions with more confidence and esteem. They will be able to navigate life and find a new purpose.

Entrepreneurship and Coaching for Success: through its strategies, participants can find the real reasons for their suffering, how to face them, how to free them. It helps them reach their best potential, which can help them in their professional and personal life.

Online Course: This avenue will help participants overcome bad habits like guilt, victimhood and shame.

Coach Mike connects with his people on a personal level, especially in today’s digital world; he makes people feel like he’s with them all the time. So you can have its access from anywhere and anytime. During the pandemic, Coach Mike had connected with millions of people who suffered from abuse, anxiety and depression. When access to mental health was not plentiful, it brought light to the lives of many people.

From an abandoned and struggling child to a successful and happy individual, Coach Mike certainly did and believed others could too.

He became an incredible accomplishment at the Kelly Clarkson Show and was ranked among the top ten coaches to watch in 2021 by Yahoo Finance.
He never calls out his struggles. He calls them blessings in disguise.
A state of mind that is still inspiring!

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