Legionfarm Kids: Game coaching program for children

What is the Legionfarm Coaching Program for Children? Try our new exclusive game coaching service for kids at Legionfarm: Kids!

Introducing Legionfarm’s Exclusive Coaching Program for Kids

Usually, parents are very strict about their children spending too much time playing video games. It is common knowledge that video games are a huge distraction in the lives of our children. Parents do not want to see their offspring sitting motionless in front of the screen instead of being outdoors doing recreational activities. At the same time, it is very important that children grow up fully diverse as their interests and passions find support and approval in the home.

Legionfarm, a company that provides coaching services for gamers and their video games, has found a solution that will satisfy both young people and their adult relatives. Suppose you notice that your child has a keen interest in video games. If so, it’s entirely possible that they have the makings of professional cyber-athletes. Another thing to consider is that unlike video games of the past, modern games, especially online ones, help children develop skills that apply to all areas of life. There are many studies on this, but the fact is that video games can be helpful.

That’s why Legionfarm.com offers young gamers and their parents a one-of-a-kind coaching program designed specifically to teach both age groups how to turn video games into a useful and healthy activity. Our coaches are trained to analyze types’ goals in video games and assess their skills, which helps identify how to use the time spent playing a video game in a skill development exercise.

Legionfarm coaching for kids will teach them all sorts of interesting and useful things, such as setting up a streaming session and communicating with your teammates in games or with viewers online. Streamers are entertainers, so your child will learn presentation skills that will definitely help them in school and later in life.

The best thing about the Legionfarm Coaching Program is that as a parent you will have all the tools to track your child’s progress and see how they are growing. The growth mindset that video games cultivate is very crucial. Often we don’t even notice how determined we are to achieve something in the game while playing. Decision making is another skill that develops as we play complex games. Our experts are able to see how these skills are improved by your little player, and you can share this success with your youngster.

To find out more about this special coaching program, go to https://games.legionfarm.com/kids.

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