Launch of the new Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games award

A course to introduce coaches to Gaelic games will increase the number and quality of coaches involved in the development of players from the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association and facilitate their acquisition of coaching titles.

A course to introduce coaches to Gaelic games will increase the number and quality of coaches involved in the development of players from the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association and facilitate their acquisition of coaching titles.

In an important step, this collaborative project has produced a coach education program that will ensure that coaches new to Gaelic games do not need to attend code-specific introductory courses.

This new course will be shared between each of the three associations and will ensure, for the first time, that junior coaches from any of our codes come together and commit to a common programme. Coaches operating in clubs that have different codes, especially One Club model clubs, can now take a coaching course, which is a huge benefit for our volunteer coaches.

Since 2019, the three Gaelic Games Associations have worked closely together to develop this new joint Introductory Gaelic Games Coaching Award or ICGG Award.

In launching this new course today at Croke Park, the three associations believe this approach will ensure that entry-level coaches, whatever their code of choice, will learn and share with each other and contribute to their coach’s development.

This course has been designed to be more interactive and practical than previous introductory courses, with a particular focus on learning by doing for coaches.

Last year, 300 coach developers, drawn from the three associations, participated in collaborative skills development events in preparation for the delivery of the ICGG program in 2022 – with a start date to be agreed when pandemic restrictions allow. .

The ICGG Award course has been designed to help new coaches develop a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, competencies and values ​​for coaching children, youth or adults.

The Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games award is structured around three key elements:

1.The coach | “Being a Coach”, “How to Coach” and “Preparing to Plan”.

2.The player | ‘Who are you training?’. Whether it’s children, young people or adult players, men or women, they respond to the need to be inclusive.

3.The game | a focus on movement for Gaelic games, skill development and games.

This program will provide coaches with awareness, knowledge and experience related to:

• Why do you coach? | Each coach is an individual, and each will bring their own unique skills and characteristics to our games.

•How do you train? | A set of skills and behaviors that coaches can use in games and practices

• What do you coach? | Developmental games and activities that can be used by coaches and how to structure sessions to hone player skills

•Who do you coach? | The specific players a manager has within his team/group; looking at age, the stages of the player journey they are in, the importance of inclusivity and its impact on their training

At the end of this award, coaches can then choose learning and development opportunities that are unique to them, their needs and abilities with specific reference to the stage of the player’s journey (see graphic attached) that they train.

Welcoming this new ICGG award;

Uachtarán CLG, Larry McCarthy said: “Working in partnership with the LGFA and the Camogie Association, I believe this new introductory Gaelic Games course will have a profound effect on our volunteer coaches. This streamlined and collaborative approach will allow new coaches to focus on how to coach and how to coach well and allow them to maximize their time and the impact they have on player development. Tús maith leath na hoibre, we are told, and that can give Gaelic games a solid footing.

Uachtarán from the Camogie Association, Hilda Breslin said: “We are delighted to be involved in the development of the first collaborative training program within the Gaelic Games family. This collaboration will allow potential coaches within Gaelic Games Associations to come together and learn the fundamentals in a supportive and inclusive environment. We are excited for the future success this collaboration will bring, and I thank my colleagues at GAA and LGFA for their continued support in developing this program.”

Speaking on behalf of the LGFA, Chairman Mícheál Naughton said: “The launch of the Introduction to Gaelic Games for Coaches is another major collaborative project between the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the GAA and the Camogie Association. This is a very important step in delivering coach education locally and ensuring courses are more locally accessible.The benefits will be evident to clubs around the world as this unique course is now offered to trainers regardless of the code they are training, rather than having to follow We would like to thank everyone involved for the hard work that made this happen and we look forward to ensuring that the developers coaches are active across the country and beyond.

Details on the rollout and availability of this new coaching course will be made in the coming weeks. For more information contact.

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