Kids Under Construction – Teaching Children to Serve

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to get in the spirit of giving and service learning.

Parental expert and journalist Donna Tetreault talks to ABC4’s Emily Clark about ways you can bring the joys of giving into your child’s life.

“We know it can help our children because they suffer from anxiety and depression and it also gives our children a positive state of mind,” explains Tetreault.

Service learning also fosters the crucial skill of leadership. It is important to include your child in choosing a service project. Choose a topic such as certain groups of people, animals, the environment, etc. is a great way to find out where your child’s passions may lie. You can also choose a different category each time to keep the experience fun for your child in the future.

“We want the kids to take ownership of this project and that’s where leadership comes in,” says Tetreault. “It’s also important to set an achievable goal. How are we going to make sure that through this project we serve everyone, if that is our goal? “

Keeping in mind different communities, maybe people from other countries, for example, is a wonderful way to encourage your child to see the big picture.

“We want to think about how we can help everyone,” says Tetreault.

After the service project is complete, encourage your child to think about their actions and whether they have made a difference.

“Have we followed and helped this community? »Says Tétreault. “Does our experience matter? “

Answering these questions will make your child feel positive about their contributions and successfully guide their next service efforts in the future.

To see the full conversation, watch the video above.

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