Joint training of Urja office operators organized

Joint training of “URJA Desk Operators and Child Protection Officers” under the direction of Senior Women and Child Safety Officers and excellent research was conducted at the Commissioner’s Office.

At the start of the training, DCP HQ Vineet Kapoor shared important information about the DIR form. How the DIR form can become an important document for the police, was informed about this and instructions were also given to issue the form to coordinate with other departments. In the role play, the DIR form was filled in by dividing the police officers into different groups, in which the police officers became the complainants and some police officers played the role of the police officer and depending on the problems of the complainant/victim, it was made sure to fill in the DIR form.

In the above seminar, lecturer Yogita Mukati (Gauravi Sanstha, CDC) explained in detail the mistakes made while filling the DIR form, point by point and he was assured that based on what points we should fill the form DIR. And what are the special things to keep in mind when filling out the form.

In the second session of the seminar, Archana Sahay (Child Line/Aarambh Sanstha) explained what are the problems encountered by the police officers during the medical examination, what are the necessary things, how they should work in coordination.

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