JEE Topper Mridul Agarwal and coaching institutes


Let me start by congratulating JEE topper Mridul Agarwal, who has broken all the records set by all toppers to date. He made history by reaching the highest percentile ever on the IIT Entrance Test. He obtained 348 points (96%).

All the coaching institutes went into a frenzy claiming that he had coached with them. A young boy attending several coaching courses just to pass this competition? How can he be physically present in more than one institute? How can he study the same subjects in so many places? It is beyond my competence. But the advertisements display it differently. All the institutes claim or rather cry out, he trained with them, with all! (See the image attached at the bottom of the blog)

Coaching institutes like the ones in Kota exploit the students.

This young boy seems to be on a different journey, jumping from institute to institute. I do not know if physically seems more materialistic. Hope you understand what I mean.

Coaching institutes are known to pay huge amount of money to these toppers to appear in their promotions claiming that the topper is being coached by them. And then we look at the photo of the same guy on the front page of all the major dailies, but each time with a different institute!

The target audience for these full-page ads are parents, as no child today takes the newspaper to read it. Where does the money come from to place front page ads in major newspapers? Guess we all know the answer, of course looting the poor parents.

It is the parents here in India who are used to sending their child for coaching from an early age (read kindergarten), and this streak continues well beyond the end of their professional lessons.

It’s a crazy circus out there, with coaching institutes claiming to make your kid an Einstein or a Newton. All you have to do is shell out a HUGE fee and turn your kid into a ROBOT by following their instructions at T!

It’s extremely disheartening to read the news day in and day out of these stressed-out teens committing suicide just because their contests haven’t gone well, the fear and anxiety of not being able to do it is killing them. I’m sure many of you have read about student suicides in Kota, Rajasthan, and the most recent suicides in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

I don’t understand when parents will stop putting all this stress on their child, and at what cost! It would be great if children had the chance to learn on their own, to explore the joy of studying at their own pace. They do not need to be spoon fed at every stage of their life, or rather should I say cradle to grave. All they need is proper guidance and counseling to deal effectively with their problems. Healthy and positive mental health should be the priority here.

Unfortunately in India education is nothing but your child’s grades, it is a matter of pride to brag about your child’s grades. This makes the child just a token of the pride of the parents! All this madness has led to the proliferation of coaching courses left, right and center. They are the ones who benefit the most, and at whose cost?

We are losing brilliant children to this mad rush, who might otherwise explore vocations of their choice. We are complaining that we do not have enough participants from our country in various world level games like the Olympics. But have we allowed our children to pursue their dream of becoming a sportsman, artist, writer, dancer?

Adolescents are already going through so many changes – physical, emotional and psychological. They are always adjusting to all the new emotions and havoc created by raging hormones. Do they need more stress? Are they able to take more than they can take at such a sensitive and delicate stage in their life?

Parents are there for them, spend quality time with them, teach them the good virtues to live a healthy life. In no time at all they will be flying away from your nest, leaving it empty, making the most of your time together. Do not make them the scapegoat of your desires, to make your unfulfilled dreams come true.

Mridul says his role model is Sundar Pichai.
Ask Sundar Pichai, did he go through that circus of coaching classes to be where he is today? I don’t think so… at the time, that kind of system didn’t exist. I’m sure it was his hard work and determination that won him the role of CEO. I’m sure his journey has been different, to be on this path today.

Dear readers,

My heart goes to those children who are forced into the fields they don’t want to be in, it goes to the children who are forced to run from one coaching to another, it goes to the innocent souls whose dreams are crushed even before that they do not take shape.

Parents can stop this kind of senseless act for the greater good of their beloved children.

Let me know your opinions in the comments section.

Thank you readers

A boy, attending many institutes!

Showing how he is present with so many coaching courses.

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