Is sleep coaching right for your family?

For many families, getting back to a school routine and sleep schedule can be difficult. Bedtimes and earlier mornings require an adjustment period that can take a week or two.

But what happens when a child’s sleep issues don’t resolve after a few weeks?

“Sleep disorders can be difficult for parents to identify because many factors can prevent a child from falling asleep or staying asleep,” says Dr. Innessa Donskoy, pediatric sleep specialist at Advocate Children’s Hospital. “Even when families recognize a sleep problem in their child, they are often hesitant to see a sleep pediatrician because they think their child’s sleep problems are too mild to discuss or they fear that a overnight sleep study or medication is needed.”

Children need healthy sleep to thrive at home and at school. If your child or teen isn’t getting the quality sleep they need to be successful, it might be time to speak up with their pediatrician, who can refer you to our new sleep coaching program.

“Our pediatric sleep medicine providers are available to see children and families before sleep issues escalate,” says Dr. Donskoy. “We are available for a low-pressure visit to discuss any sleep issues the parents may have about their child.”

Family-Centered Tours are a proactive and educational sleep resource for children of all ages. Families can meet providers via Zoom or in person.

Unlike sleep coaching or commercially available sleep consultations, these visits can be covered by insurance and there is no limit to the number of follow-up visits with our certified sleep doctors.

“When families are in the midst of difficult sleep patterns, it can feel overwhelming to figure out what and how to change,” says Dr. Donskoy. “Insufficient or insufficient sleep can also lead to less than desired daytime behaviors, particularly as the day progresses, making changes around bedtime even more difficult! Our pediatric sleep medicine team can help you provide an objective perspective, a plan for the future tailored to your child/family’s unique needs, and follow-up support to set you up for success.

Speak with your child’s pediatrician to determine if sleep coaching is the next step for your child.

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