How Warren Morris went from the White House to mentoring children

Warren Morris currently resides in Virginia, but he learned most of his life lessons growing up in Gadsden.

This upbringing “impacted my life in many ways,” Morris recalls.

Now, as he nears retirement after a distinguished career in the military and government service, he would like to share those lessons, helping others “become the best versions of themselves, even when nobody don’t look,” through his youth counseling service, With Essential Means LLC, and as an author.

“As a young man growing up without a father figure at home, I watched how hard-working and struggling my mother was to care for her six children,” Morris said. “I knew very young that I had to help my mother.”

He started doing this in seventh grade, working weekends for Doug Ward in his summer trailer remodeling business. Until his mother’s death, Morris always gave her part of his salary to help pay the household bills.

Morris cites his mother and Ward as the two biggest influences in his life, saying they taught him the value of hard work and the importance of discipline.

“I owe Mr. Ward a debt of gratitude for caring about a young black child, who had no idea how the world worked,” he said. “It was her teaching and the trust, loyalty and respect of my mother, as well as her faith in Jesus, that made me the person I am today.”

A life of service

Morris currently works as a program manager for the Department of Defense, specifically at the Carderock Division of the Naval Service Warfare Center in West Bethesda, Maryland.

The division, according to its website, is the U.S. Navy’s “maritime technology experts” and has some 2,000 scientists, engineers and support personnel who help research, model and test ships and systems. ships for the United States Naval Forces and the Civil Navy. industry.

Morris spent 21 years in the United States Army, reaching the rank of sergeant major; serve at duty stations from Fort McClellan to two tours in Germany; and earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Upper Iowa while on active duty.

He said joining the military was one of the most pivotal moments of his life, providing him with more life lessons by allowing him to “see the world” and “be part of something bigger than” himself.

Prior to joining the Carderock Division, he worked as Chief of Logistics for the White House Communications Agency and Chief of Logistics for the White House Military Office, serving under six presidents.

“My time in Washington, DC as a member of the military and as a civilian has been incredibly rewarding,” he said. “My military and civilian education and credentials, along with my life experiences and desire to give back to my community, have led me to serve as a mentor, providing an outstanding example to teach the next generation.”

Willingness to support young people

Morris plans to retire from federal service in the coming months, hoping to focus his efforts on giving back to the community to “help others become the best versions of themselves, even when no one else is there.” looked”.

He added: “Now that I’m about to retire, my goals are to work full-time on growing my LLC, (and) teaching young people how to be role models in how they act. , to talk and dress before entering the adult world.

Morris’ business, With Essential Means, LLC., is a youth consulting service that allows her to “dedicate herself to teaching young people, through their schools and athletic programs, how to be role models. of success for their community, and to give them advice on how to navigate the adult world.

These lessons are taught as part of the company’s courses on public speaking and professional dress, and include volunteer activities as a way for participants to gain visibility in their communities.

“The creation of With Essential Means, LLC. came from an understanding of giving back to the community (and) helping individuals become their best when representing (themselves), their families and their school,” Morris said. “My professional team and I also recognize that education is the key to entering the professional sector, so we work to improve the fundamental skills that are essential in the financial and business world.”

Morris said the company is “pretty new” and working hard to establish itself in the market. There have been setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Morris acknowledges they have “a long way to go”, but insists they are “up to the challenge”.

“[The pandemic] prevented the company from reaching the young people targeted by the engagement with schools and agencies,” he said. “However, I am optimistic that as the world develops a new sense of normality, I will be able to achieve my goals.”

Create books to teach stories of true love between family

Morris also hopes his retirement will allow him to continue writing. A grandfather of three, he is the author of a recently published book called “My Dad”, which highlights “the importance of the relationship between a grandfather and his grandchildren”.

He said it highlights the importance of role models, “especially fathers and grandfathers in family dynamics,” he said. “A father figure is particularly essential and contributes positively to the academic and social development of children.”

Warren Morris book cover,

Morris hopes the book will “emphasize the importance of introducing loyalty, respect and friendship into a child’s life, as these values ​​leave a lasting impression”.

He has a second book, “My Bestie and Me,” due out in early 2023, with a third book, “My Father, My Hero,” on the way for 2024.

These books, according to Morris, are designed to teach children “touching” stories about true love between twin sisters and a father and son, sharing common experiences that can be told.

As for the future, Morris says it “is bright,” citing other short-term goals such as collaborating with school systems on a character education program and visiting authors to promote his books. .

“My long-term goals are to gain leadership experience in the consulting industry, publish professional articles on character education, and continue the progress of With Essential Means, LLC.” he declares. “I’m also working with a literacy program in California to be part of their mentorship program.”

Morris’s book is sold at Gadsden Walmart and on Amazon. To learn more about his consultancy, visit

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