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The Harvard gdiploma Womxn Im Sscience and Eengineering (HGWISE) would like to invite applications for their graduate mentoring program.

Graduate studies are a pivotal time in a researcher’s career, and mentorship is one of the most important forces that shape a graduate student’s experience and future career trajectory. The HGWISE Graduate Mentorship Program connects science, math and engineering graduate students seeking mentorship with GSAS faculty and alumni working outside of academia. Mentoring specifically targets issues of gender inequality, power dynamics and work-life balance within universities and the workforce. Individuals can be matched in a group or individual mentoring relationship. Mentoring groups are encouraged to meet at least once a month to discuss topics of interest to women in science and engineering, such as writing successful grant applications, achieving a work / life balance. personal and the creation of a career plan.

HGWISE is open to all self-identifying graduate students, transgender, non-binary, and other gender minorities who wish to be a part of this community.

HGWISE continues to host the online software mentoring program, Chronic. Thank you to those who have already participated as a mentor or mentee on the Chronus platform. They will honor previous matches as shown in our year-end poll results. This year, for the first time, the program will use a feature on the platform to allow mentees to choose who they want mentored from September 14 to 30, after which they will match the remaining mentors and mentees. If you want to join the program, please use this link to register. Please complete your profile by September 13 so that they can correspond with you in a timely manner. Further details on this year’s new auto-pairing process and our launch events at the end of September will be sent via Chronus.

Please feel free to contact HGWISE via Chronus or at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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