Graduate Practitioners Wanted for DfE Mentorship Program


The DfE is looking for “experts”, “mentors” and “area leaders” for its leadership support and mentoring program – one of the many measures announced as part of the early childhood recovery program of 153 million pounds sterling.

The goal of the leadership support and mentoring program, previously announced by the Department of Education (DfE), is to strengthen education and combat the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on young children .

Practitioners with a qualification of level 6 (diploma) or higher, currently working in a school, nursery school or other early childhood establishment rated good or exceptional by Ofsted, and who are at least three years old Experience in childcare are welcome to apply for the role, which will involve providing tailored support at face-to-face and virtual settings.

Mentors should have experience in leadership or supervising others, while experts and area leaders should currently exercise a leadership role in an executive.

As part of the program, which is initially piloted in Lancashire, West Yorkshire and the north of England before rolling out nationwide in the next academic year (2022/23), early childhood institutions Eligible candidates will be able to request the support of an early childhood expert and mentor in their region to provide overall support, mentoring and leadership support and mentoring for practitioners.

What the roles involve

The role of a mentor will be to work with his mentee to identify areas of children’s development and practice in which they need support, with an emphasis on supporting children to are recovering from the pandemic, including by reducing the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers.

Experts will provide three-day support to the setup manager. The expert and the manager of the framework will decide together what kind of activities the expert will undertake in the framework.

The role of the area manager will be to act as the first point of contact with around ten mentors and / or experts.

The DfE provides funding of up to £ 400 per day for a mentor, £ 500 per day for an expert and £ 600 per day for a regional manager. Funding includes travel and subsistence costs.

For the pilot program, the DfE will recruit a training partner who will train experts, mentors and domain managers, as well as a delivery partner who will be responsible for matching them with the parameters.

More information on the national program and support for childminders will be announced in due course.

Those interested in taking on one of the roles must submit an expression of interest by Friday, December 3. If successful, they should be available to start supporting settings from April 2022.


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